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Valentina Anikina
Free Little Folk

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I am very glad to see you!
My name is Valentina Anikina.
If my hands are not busy with needlework, then it seems to me that time is wasted.
Now I know that adulthood is designed to fulfill childhood desires.
Once, my love of animals and needlework made me a master of designer toys. And now in my house a wide variety of toy animals are born.
I create toys in different techniques from threads, wool and faux fur.
If you liked one of them, you can adopt him, and a piece of my love for animals will live in your house.
I hope my little animals will not leave you indifferent and we will become good friends!

Spitz Timosha
8.6" (22 cm)
$235.00 USD + Free Shipping

Cat Marik
5.9" (15 cm)

White cat Lisa
7" (18 cm)

Realistic kitty Diana
5.1" (13 cm)

Realistic animals
5.1" (13 cm)

Cat Aisha
9" (23 cm)
$250.00 USD + Free Shipping

Cat Matvey
6.2" (16 cm)