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Natallia Chudakova
Natalina Toys

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Welcome to my shop "Natalina Toys". My name is Natallia. I live and work in the city of Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Creativity is an integral part of my life. I create collectible teddy bears and friends.

All children in childhood have a favorite toy and most often it is a teddy bear. Teddy Bears are good old classics. With these soft friends more than one generation has grown and will grow. My hobby comes from childhood. The bear was one of my favorite characters, even the most beautiful doll could not match it. He was a member of our large family. Years have passed, I have long been a mother, but I have the warmest memories of this toy. Just look at the teddy bear and plunge into the world of serene childhood. I believe in the miraculous power of bears: after all, they were faithful companions of our childhood, always with us, in moments of joy and sadness, losses and victories. We trusted him our secrets, and he kept them. Passion for bears does not know age and national restrictions, everyone loves them!

Eliana Teddy Doll
10.6" (27 cm)
$250.00 USD + Free Shipping

Sam Teddy Doll
10.6" (27 cm)
$250.00 USD + Free Shipping

Alicia Teddy Doll
10.6" (27 cm)
$250.00 USD + Free Shipping