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     Svetlana Khabarova


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karin.kronsteiner (21 reviews left) Feb 14, 2020  
Wonderful!!! Sooo sweet and so full of love! It is wonderful to touch him and to hold him in hands :) Great artist work!

MITSUYO (1 review left) Jan 19, 2020  
What a cute polar baby bear ! As we can open and close mouth, we are glad that we can enjoy various expressions. Charming riding on a sled ! I like it very much ! ︎ Thank you very much❣️

karin.kronsteiner (21 reviews left) Jan 06, 2020  
Fantastic!!!!! Wonderful bear, so full of love!!! I love him :) Hugh compliment!

Karen (93 reviews left) Oct 18, 2019  
Annabelle is a very friendly adorable skunk. She would like to stay curled up and napping, but she has so many friends she had to sit up. Love this little girl. Thank you.

Vivien G. (26 reviews left) Sep 12, 2019  
Words cannot describe how delighted I was when I opened the box and Nooka appeared. Absolutely sensational in every way. What a privilege it is to own him. Thank you to the very talented Svetlana.

Leisa M. (1 review left) May 21, 2019  
So wonderful!! Lovely polar from a lovely lady! Thanks so much!!