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     Jeannette Bashore
JRB Creations
United States


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sphinxddh (44 reviews left) Jan 22, 2020  
I just love Jeannette's creations. Each one melts my heart and this little bunny takes the cake.

"Cookie" Gingerbread doll
Diane K. (6 reviews left) Dec 13, 2019  
LOVE Jeannette's Creations! Beautiful fabrics and fur, great variety of characters to love. Beautifully crafted. Super fast shipping has them in your home quickly too!

Pumpkin Spice
jacqueline l. (9 reviews left) Sep 26, 2019  
Love this little bear and his cushion! He is beautifully made and the pumpkin accent is lovely! I am very excited to have found JRB Creations and want more!! Thank you Jeannette!

LuAnn H. (9 reviews left) May 22, 2019  
so very cute!!!