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Anna Chernenko

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Miniature Bears (6)

Hello,dear friens!
I'm Anna Chernenko (EMAHO)
I studied crocheted miniature techniques at Natasha Kosova School.
I heartily loved the miniature and this activity.
It's so cool to create and know that it brought someone a drop of happiness.
I am happy to create these babies for the good and joy of you.
Each is a real One-of-a-Kind, made completely by me, without use of any patterns or molds, never repeated.
Let them bring love and warmth to everyone to whom they will fall.

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micro Chihuahua kid
0.9" (2½ cm)
$60.00 USD

Miniature Bear Kid
1.1" (3 cm)
$60.00 USD

Miniature Bear kid
0.7" (2 cm)
$60.00 USD

Miniature pink bear cub
1.7" (4½ cm)
$55.00 USD

Miniature westy terrier
1.5" (4 cm)
$60.00 USD

Miniature Bear
1.7" (4½ cm)
$55.00 USD