Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

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Artist bear Gustav "Three seashells"
Stuffed Bear
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By Anna Kovaleva

13.3 inches (34 centimeters)

- my original copyright design & pattern
- Height 34 cm, 23 cm when sitting
- Sewn from antique plush,
- stuffed with sawdust and the granular
- German black glass eyes
- 5-Way Disc jointed
- not for playing children
- dry cleaning
- snail made in the technique of sculpting polymer clay

Have you ever thought where material for sewing Teddy bear does come from? I don't mean new materials, I'm talking about the ones, that were produced a long time ago, but've reached into the hands of the master just now.Such material fell into my hands and it's very rare. The age of this plush is about 80 years, it restored and painted by hand on special technology. All the scuffs are the traces of time. Plush painted in a single copy, the color is unique and duplication is impossible.

And exactly from this material the collection "The Inhabitants of the old lighthouse" was made. There are 3 bears and each of them has its own story. But they share the old lighthouse, which stands in the middle of the ocean and helps the lost ships to find a way.
This lighthouse is home to these threesome. Nobody knows, where they're from - and they keep it secret and never open this mystery.

This is Gustav "Three seashells". He's the oldest of the Inhabitants of the lighthouse, he's wise and taciturn. Every evening Gustav "Three seashells" goes to the lighthouse, opens it with a key( which hangs on his neck) lights up and looks at the endless sea. He thinks about something to the cry of gulls.
РHe had a family and a house long time ago. But this is a very sad story and Gustav rarely speaks about what was happened. His wife didn't want to go to the lighthouse and stayed on the "big land".
Occasionally she sends him letters, which tells about his small son, Tio. Gustav smiles, imagining his family there. Tio puts a shell on the memory of his love to the father in every letter. Those shells are more precious than gold for Gustav, he never part with them, they are always with him.

Gustav "Three seashells" hopes that one day his wife and son will arrive at the lighthouse. They will be together and will help ships to find a way, because it is so important.

Also Gustav has his friend - hand snail Emily. It always sits on the crown of his head and talks, talks, talks. Emily is very talkative lady. Maybe that's why they are good together: Gustav can always listen attentively, and snail always cheers him up with stories about everything.

All of my toys are 100% handmade - made by hand, no machine sewing! They are made by me only from fine natural materials.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me for details

Thank you for your interest to my kids and have a nice day!

Ordering Information:
If you have any questions feel free to contact me for details
All my bears come from the non-smoking home!
I accept PayPal.
If you buy 2 or more bears at once, you'll get free shipping.

€195.00 EUR     (Approx. $212.53 USD)

Bear will be shipped within 3 business day only after full payment has been received.
I will contact you after shipping your order.
Your purchase will have a tracking number which I will tell you after sending.

Delivery time:
- to United States and Canada - about 10-15 days,
- Australia - about 20 days,
- to Europe about 10-15 days.
Delivery by Express Mail Service (EMS) - 35USD

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My name is Anna! I am from Russia, St.Petersburg ♡Welcome to my store♡
I create teddy bears and their friend.
I hope that my toys will bring you back to your childhood and you will receive a lot of positive emotions!

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