Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

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Stuffed Bear
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By Marina Yamkovskaia

9.8 inches (25 centimeters)

Teddy bear made of German plush. Pile length is 3 cm.
The main difference between a bear pattern is a separate part of the neck.
The advantage of this neck compared to my previous works is the ability to take a variety of natural poses. So it is understandable that the bear has a 6 pin. connections. If you wear this bear you will feel that little kitten sits in your hands: the bear has a weight that comes from granular materials.
The stomach of the bear is very soft, so you have always wanted to touch it.
Height bear in 18 cm. In a sitting position 23-25 cm.
The nose is made of polymer clay.
Little hedgehog sewn from mohair.
Ears and nose made of leather.
Whiskers made of fishing line.
The height of the toy is 3 cm, length is 7 cm.
One of a kind

Ordering Information:
Let me explain you something. Because of economic situation and the prices of artist toys I can suggest you a layaway payment.
Terms of the layaway contract are : 50% payment is a guarantee that the toy is under your reservation.
Next 50% you suppose to pay during the month or next month, but not later than 30 calendar days after the first payment.
Please notice , the first part of payment is a non refundable deposit!
So remember, if you have changed your mind or your financial situation been changed the deposit won't be refund!
Reminding you that I'm not charging extra money for the layaway service, so I feel that it's fine to use a deposit as a guarantee that my job is paid and to make it 100% not refundable.
I believe in our both sides understanding!


$360.00 USD

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Yamkovskaia Marina
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My name is Marina Yamkovskaya. Since 2009 I sew toys in Teddy style. I am tailor cutter, and it helps me with creativity. Process of creation of a difficult toy is interesting to me. I am constantly searching. I like to sew toys in style Nature, generally Teddy’s friends. Most of all I love cats. In 2013 I participated and won two International competitions, having won victories in the nominations ''Teddy’s Friends" and "Composition". I don't stop on reached. Dolls, souvenir, textile toys are interesting to me. Sometimes I sew to order, I like to cope with tasks.Thank you for visiting!
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