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Star Taurus bull calf
Stuffed Bull
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By Alina Biliakova

5.9 inches (15 centimeters)

Taurus - the continuation of my collection of collectible toys copyright "Ecliptic", the second sign of the zodiac.
This is a continuation of my collection of collectible toys copyright "The Ecliptic" 2016. This collection will consist of toys - symbols of zodiac signs. All the toys in this collection - OOAK, repetition is impossible, because such material is no more.

Taurus is the sign of Earth, he firmly on the ground. This element of Taurus gives a tendency to conservatism, practicality and thoroughness, and reliability and stamina in the feelings.So, at least, the horoscopes say.))

Taurus is in the city Plush is quite cute, kind and home.
At least, I saw just such a...
Taurus is sewn from vintage plush deep blue night sky. Hooves, eyelids and horns - from bake plastics, lacquered. Glass eyes with luxurious eyelashes. On the forehead of Taurus located star cluster the Pleiades, as at present, heaven , the constellation Taurus.
Calf's head and legs are movable. Filler - padding polyester,the toy is weighted with glass granulate.
On the left side of the Calf with Swarovski crystals, shines the Sign of Taurus. Well, I'm sure you've learned and so))).

Taurus will be a very delightful gift and talisman for all born under this sign.

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  Alina Biliakova
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Hello , dear friends!
Nice to meet you, my name is Alina. I am an interior designer by profession (owner of a Studio of curtains "Studio interior Alina"), and very-very love to create toys, plush and dolls.I sew them from early childhood, and the last few years doing it professionally. I sew all: and the beasts, and of birds, and dolls, and characters of cartoons and fairy tales. I love to create new images. My toys are cute, is a hallmark of all my toys. I make my toys from own patterns.I not make exact repetitions , but if any of the inhabitants of CityPlush you like, write me, and I can do based on this toys another similar, special to you.
I will be very pleased, if you would like to adopt any of them. If you are interested in my work, subscribe to me, and you on email will be receiving letters about my new toys.

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