Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

Artist Bears and Handmade Teddy Bears

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Seller Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bear Pile?

How many bears will I sell on Bear Pile?

I am not a store or bear artist, but a collector. Can I sell on Bear Pile?

What is the Orphans section all about?

What is the Showcased Bears section all about?

What is the Bears for Adoption section all about?

What is the definition of One-Of-A-Kind?

How do I sign up to sell on Bear Pile?

Membership Questions

Can multiple people share an account?

How do I cancel my membership?

If I pay for 1 month does the membership go from the 1st of the month to the 30-31st? or it's 30 days?

If I renew my membership before my last membership is over will I lose any days?

How do I change my membership from a Silver membership to a Gold membership (or vice-versa)?

Will I be auto billed with Bear Pile or get any surprise bills?

Your First Sale

I received and order for a Bear, what do I do next?

Should I ship before I get paid or checks clear?

Payment of Items

Do I have to link up my Pay Pal account to Bear Pile?

Do the payments I receive via PayPal clear immediately?

How are buyers and/or sellers protected from fraud?

Listing Questions

Can I choose a selling price, a reserved price or can buyers come with their own offers?

What are the guidelines for adding bears that were previously listed on Bear Pile?

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